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Montreal's La Grande Tournée du 375e

Helping our city grow means supporting our neighbours, local businesses and the organizations they care about.

Desjardins is proud to be a Great Montrealer!

La grande tournée du 375e

May 12 to september 17, 2017 - 19 boroughs

This summer, as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, La Grande Tournée du 375e will make its way across the city, showcasing the many different people, residents and merchants that make up our neighbourhoods. Each of the 19 boroughs will have a chance to strut its stuff during a big neighbourhood block party, which highlights its uniqueness.

As a proud Montrealer, Desjardins will take part in the fun and entertaining VivaCité festivities. Participants will earn points, which will be converted into a donation that Desjardins will make to 3 community youth organizations.

At the end of the Grande Tournée, a total of over $37,500 will have been redistributed in the community to enhance the lives of young Montrealers.

Viva Montréal