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Group tax-free savings account (TFSA)

An essential financial tool!

  • Available as a stand-alone plan or as an add-on to an existing plan
  • Unused contribution room can be carried forward indefinitely
  • Withdrawals can be made at any time
  • Amounts withdrawn generate new contribution room
  • No effect on eligibility for federal plans


Here are some of the features of our Group TFSAs:

  • Available since January 2009
  • Eligibility:
    • Canadian residents aged 18 and over
    • No age limit for making contributions
  • Contributions:
    • Not tax-deductible
    • The maximal annual contribution is cumulative:
      • 2009 to 2012: $5,000
      • 2013 and 2014: $5,500
      • 2015 : $10,000
      • 2016 : $5,500
    • Over-contribution penalty of 1% per month
    • Annual unused contribution room, along with withdrawals from your TFSA during previous years, is cumulative. Learn more about your TFSA contribution rights at the Canada Revenue Agency site - This link will open in a new window..
  • Withdrawals:
    • Tax-free, at any time, for any reason
    • Not added to your income
    • Generates contribution room of an equal amount the following year
  • No effect on other benefit programs (OAS, GIS)
  • Tax-free investment income
  • For all types of businesses, unions or associations

Employers benefit from the TFSA because it:

  • Is an excellent potential add-on to a retirement savings plan
  • Supplements employee benefits
  • Is an excellent way to help employees reach their financial objectives
  • Is easy to manage
  • Helps ensure motivated and loyal employees

Employees benefit from the TFSA because it:

  • Offers greater flexibility with respect to managing short- and mid-term savings
  • Helps protect and preserve your savings for retirement
  • Offers contributions that aren't locked-in
  • Is an excellent way to increase your retirement savings: The contribution room provided by TFSAs is in addition to the contribution room allowed under your registered retirement savings plans
  • Allows your contributions to be deducted at the source or made in lump-sum payments
  • Lets you build tax-free savings
  • Allows your spouse to enrol as well
  • Offers competitive fees, on a declining scale
  • Doesn't have any tax impact on estates
  • Can be used as collateral on a loan
  • Isn't considered part of your family assets