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Defined contribution pension plan (DCPP)

Tax advantages for employers!

  • Ongoing support for employers and participants
  • Help with plan design, set-up and administration
  • Investment strategy advice
  • Wide variety of investments and access to specialists
  • Strict control measures


Here are some of the features of our DCPP:

  • Employee and employer contributions are vested according to applicable pension plan legislation.
  • Minimal eligibility conditions: an employee must have worked for the company for a minimum number of hours or received a salary greater than a certain percentage of the maximum pensionable earnings (MPE) for a given period - in both cases, determined based on applicable pension plan legislation.
  • The employer decides whether enrolment is mandatory or optional.
  • The employer determines employer and employee contribution rates.
  • The employer is responsible for administering the plan unless a pension committee or a board of trustees has been established. In Quebec, a pension committee must be set up for plans with 26 or more participants.
  • The employer determines the amount of employee contributions, and they're locked-in.
  • The participant can make voluntary contributions, and they aren't locked-in.
  • Employer contributions can be 1% of employee salary or more, and they're locked-in.
  • For all types of businesses, unions or associations

Employers benefit from:

  • No payroll tax
  • Loyal and motivated employees
  • Attractive add-on to other employee benefits

Employees benefit from:

  • Contributions:
    • Predetermined
    • Encourage regular savings (deducted at the source)
    • Tax-deductible
    • Participant voluntary contributions allowed
  • Active participation: choice among several available investment options
  • Tax-free investment income
  • In the event of the participant's death, the retirement fund and the spouse are protected