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Deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP)

An excellent way to ensure employee engagement!

  • Great employee motivator
  • Employer contributions are tax-deductible and not subject to payroll taxes
  • Employers determine the rules and procedures
  • A portion of the company profits are shared with employees, boosting their retirement income.


Here are some of the features of our DPSP:

  • Arrangement administered by a trust, through which the employer makes contributions calculated based on the company's profits for the benefit of employees.
  • Only the employer is permitted to make contributions and they must be generated from company profits. The employer can establish the contribution formula - they just need to make sure that the maximum contributions allowed under a DPSP are respected. A group RRSP is often set up as a complement to a DPSP.
  • Withdrawals are generally not permitted during employment.
  • Shareholders who own more than 10% of company stock and their family members aren't permitted to participate in the DPSP.
  • For all types of businesses.

Employers benefit from:

  • No payroll tax
  • Employee contributions that are vested after 2 years of participating in the plan at the latest
  • Powerful employee loyalty and motivation tool
  • Complete flexibility and discretion in terms of contribution amounts (contribution room is subject to tax limits)
  • Attractive add-on to other employee benefits

Employees benefit from:

  • Tax-free investment contributions and income for as long as they remain in the plan
  • Income growth without having to make any contributions
  • Non-locked-in contributions
  • Active participation: choice among several available investment options
  • Strong incentive to contribute to the company's success